Tigre vs. San Lorenzo: Win or be Relegated

At 2pm on Sunday, San Lorenzo will visit Monumental de Victoria to face Tigre in a winner takes all showdown.

The stakes are high as both clubs look to avoid the dreaded drop into the B Nacional for next season.

The overly complicated format for relegation in Argentina has produced an unbelievably important fixture with just two games remaining in the Primera. Based on a three-year average, clubs are valuated on their points per game. This has seen an increase in attacking play, particularly for newly promoted teams, as three points are so critical compared to just the one for a draw.

As the ‘promocion’ currently stands, Olimpo have been relegated, taking just 75 points from their 73 games in the top flight. Two teams must descend into the division below, with the sides in 17th and 18th featuring in a play-off with the 3rd and 4th sides in the B Nacional. The achievement of finishing 18th and not 19th is what these two teams are fighting for.

As we head into one of the most important game in San Lorenzo’s history, they are presently in the better position of the two sides, having taken 139 points from 111 games, resulting in an average of 1.252 points per game. Tigre, however, are just one point behind, having taken 138 points from 111 games, which totals 1.243 points per game.

Every point counts, and teams can be punished by ex-players or ex-managers failures from two years previous. This can be best seen in Tigre’s current plight. The Victoria-based club are battling for their lives at the bottom of the promocion table, whilst in this year’s Clausura, they find themselves in second place, just three points behind Boca Juniors, and fighting for the title. In fact, Tigre could win the Clausura and still find themselves playing second tier football come August.

                                                                      09/10          10/11             11/12         Pts        Games     Promocion

17 San Martín (SJ)







18 San Lorenzo







19 Tigre







20 Olimpo







Should Tigre win, their average points total will jump from 1.243 to 1.258, taking them just 0.006 ahead of San Lorenzo. However, should San Lorenzo inflict a defeat on their promocion rivals, they will leap to 1.267, which would actually take them out of the promocion battle altogether, as they would be higher than both San Martin (SJ) and Atl. Rafaela who both have 1.257.

Tigre have stunned their competitors in this year’s closing season, ‘Clausura’, and now find themselves in with a real chance of finishing as title holders. San Lorenzo, in contrast, have found life much more difficult, having sacked their manager Leandro Madelon and replacing him with Quilmes’ Ricardo Lombardi due to a poor run of results.

El Ciclon find themselves in 12th place as the continue to fight against their poor early season form, but will have to be at their best to fend off the confident, in form threat of Carlos Luna, Diego Morales and co., in what could be their most important game in recent memory.


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